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You see a bad kid, but really he’s stuck in a bad situation he can’t control. 

What you see as a lost cause is a kid who is living in a shelter with his family. Getting to school is hard because he has to think about how he’s going to survive the day.

What you see as teenage laziness is fatigue from working two jobs to help support his family.

When you look past the labels, you see there is more to every kid’s story. The students most likely to drop out are those facing difficulties outside of school that affect their ability to engage.

The real stories of students here in Anchorage can be heartbreaking but endings have yet to be written. You can help change the story lines by supporting 90% Graduation by 2020. 


School is hard when you're just trying to survive. 90% Graduation by 2020 is working to give our most at-risk students the help they need to graduate and have a successful life - and you can join.

Join the Cause - Social Media Toolkit

We all have a role to play in helping at-risk students graduate. Download the toolkit and share on social media to join this important movement.


Every bit of support counts for Anchorage youth in need. To date, around 3,300 students are economically disadvantaged and falling behind in school. Your support can give them the tools they need to not only survive but thrive. Help remove the barriers that stand in their way of success.

A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out

We don't have far to reach our 90% graduation goal, but we can't do it without you. Get involved to help our kids and our city reach their full potential.

Leave the Labels.


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