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You can give hope in so many ways – how much impact will you have?

Give kids the foundation to start school ready

The first day of kindergarten is a milestone. Kids who have age appropriate books in the home and who’ve been read to regularly are much more likely to be primed for success with better reading and writing skills.


Can provide a book a month for a year for one child.


Can provide books for a year along with family engagement activities to enhance learning.


Can provide monthly books sent to three toddlers.

Keep At-Risk Kids On-Track with Academic & Enrichment Opportunities

Studies show after-school programs contribute to improved academic performance, increased school attendance and higher graduation rates. For Community PLUS school students experiencing challenges, the right opportunities at the right time can make all the difference in the world. You can help make that difference possible.


Can provide a child with an after-school scholarship.


Can provide needed supplies for a school club.


Can provide a student with a year-round tutor or mentor with benefits beyond academics.

Help students at-risk of not graduating get back on track

The challenges some teens face shouldn’t have to be faced by any one. With individualized extra supports such as housing, food and health care, along with credit recovery, hope and opportunity come together to launch a brighter future.


Can help provide essential classroom support such as tutoring, mentoring, and school supplies.


Can help provide basic needs support such as housing, food, and health care.


Can provide at-risk high school students with opportunities needed to rise above their challenges.

Thank you to all our donors

Your kindness, generosity, and care are changing our community one child at a time.


You’re smart, passionate, and care about our community’s kids, so let’s join forces to help them become successful in school and life—subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected.