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One of nine siblings living with their grandparents, Ane was struggling. “I didn’t graduate. I blame myself for the crowd I hung out with, for skipping classes…I felt like giving up and just not caring for school anymore.”

After her grandfather died, she decided to make a change. “I looked at my grandmother and my family one day and thought to myself: I deserve to make them proud. Seeing them happy is what I live for.”

Making them proud was a full-time job and then some. She joined Back on Track while she was the primary caregiver for her grandmother. That meant up at 5 a.m., to make breakfast and make sure grandma took her medications. Then school at East. Then a Back on Track evening class at Covenant House, along with playing piano for evening services at her church. Then home to fix dinner for her grandmother. Homework came last and late.

When her grandmother was hospitalized in intensive care, Ane stopped going to school to be with her. After she got some help for her grandmother she found she’d missed too many days to return to East. Back on Track teacher, Barb Dexter, told her that door was still open and to come in – that very day.

“I was beyond grateful, and I actually cried from how excited I was,” Ane says. “Leaving the hospital that day, I told my grandma that this is for her, and I would not let her down.”

She didn’t. She doubled down to earn her diploma. Now she works as a caregiver. Long-term, Ane wants to become a pediatric nurse. 



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