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90% Graduation by 2020 is a community collaboration led by United Way of Anchorage which coordinates participants, builds public will, mobilizes funding and engages volunteers in the effort to reach a 90% graduation rate by the year 2020. Through focusing our efforts on students most likely to drop out, the collaboration has helped raise graduation rates in Anchorage over 24 points since 2006. 

June Sobocinski, Vice President

Contact June with questions regarding 90% by 2020, including leadership and partnership opportunities and information on any work area. 

Catherine Curtis, Director
ccurtis@ak.org | (907) 263-3832

Contact Catherine for information on Back on Track. 

Cecelia DeKorne, Director
cdekorne@ak.org | (907) 263-3832

Contact Cecelia for information on Early Learning. 

Kevin Sullivan, Community PLUS Schools Manager
ksullivan@ak.org | (907) 263-3835

Contact Kevin for information on Community PLUS Schools. 

Amie Collins, Communications and Development Director
acollins@bestbeginningsalaska.org | (907) 297-3311

Contact Amie for information on Best Beginnings and Imagination Library. 


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