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Meet the United Way Education Impact team dedicated to helping students succeed. Thanks to their hard work, more students are receiving community supports, meeting attendance goals, and graduating on time.

Sonya Hunte, Vice President | (907) 263-3838

Contact Sonya for everything 90% by 2020 including leadership opportunities, financials, grant submissions, and information on any work area. 

Catherine Curtis, Director | (907) 263-3832

Contact Catherine for information on 9th-12th Grade work. 

Sarah Bracken, Community PLUS Schools Manager | (907) 263-3803

Kevin Sullivan, Community PLUS Schools Manager | (907) 263-3835

Contact Sarah and Kevin for information on K-8th Grade work. 

Amie Collins, Communications and Development Director | (907) 297-3311

Contact Amie for information on Birth-Age 5 work. 

Kelsey Preecs, Volunteer and Community Engagement Director | (907) 263-3828

Contact Kelsey for information on volunteering. 

Ariane Kelsey, Volunteer and Community Engagement Manager | (907) 263-3858

Contact Ariane for information on Attendance Champions and Graduation Station. 

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