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Over 40 of Anchorage’s business, education, nonprofit and community leaders have come together as a Leadership Team to drive 90% by 2020. Three committees (Community Will Building, Investment and Data) work alongside the Leadership Team to integrate efforts, support communication and provide guidance.


Tom Barrett, President | Alyeska Pipeline Service Company

Stephanie Berglund, CEO | thread

Ethan Berkowitz, Mayor | Municipality of Anchorage

Damian Bilbao, Alaska Vice President, Commercial Ventures | BP

Deena Bishop, Superintendent | Anchorage School District

Brittany Brown, Community Relations Advisor | ExxonMobil Alaska

Michele Brown, President and CEO | United Way of Anchorage

Bruce Bustamante, President | Anchorage Chamber of Commerce

Heather Cavanaugh, Director External Affairs and Corporate Comms. | Alaska Communications

Judith Crotty, Vice President, Community Development Manager | Wells Fargo

Cheryl Frasca, Executive Director | Education Matters, Inc.

Darlene Gates, President | ExxonMobil Alaska

Cheri Gillian, Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer | First National Bank Alaska

Andrew Halcro, Executive Director | Anchorage Community Development Authority

Abbe Hensley, Executive Director | Best Beginnings

Celeste Hodge Growden, Executive Director | Shiloh Community Development, Inc.

Sonya Hunte, Senior Director of Equity and Compliance | Anchorage School District

Jeff Jessee, Dean, College of Health & Vice Provost, Academic Affairs | UAA

Lora Jorgensen, Executive Director | School Business Partnership

Starr Marsett, President | Anchorage School Board

Deena Mitchell, Vice President | Anchorage School Board

Kathy Moffitt, Administrative Projects Director | Anchorage School District

Gloria O’Neill, President and CEO | Cook Inlet Tribal Council

Kathleen Plunkett, Community Member

Bill Popp, President and CEO | Anchorage Economic Development Corporation

Ben Post, Representative | ASD Student Advisory Board

Greg Razo, Vice President, Government Relations | Cook Inlet Region, Inc.

Shawn Rivera, Community Member

Ed Ulman, CEO and General Manager | Alaska Public Media

Natasha von Imhof, Community Member

Leave the Labels.


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